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"Working Together For Your Success"

Screen printing T-shirts and garments for bands, artists, and the entertainment industry is still one of the most versatile and cost-effective methods of getting your b(r)and into the public eye.  There are many traditional screen-printing methods that have proven their effectiveness. Along with those methods are new alternatives such as discharge ink, soft hand,  and special effect ink. We can supply high-quality products in a cost-effective manner and SMC will work with you to produce your logo, design or message. We pride ourselves on having a team of professionals with many years of experience. Not only will our team overperform, but clients are encouraged to be 100% involved in choosing the right solutions.

Often clients will inquire about our screen printing services and be unsure as to what they really want or need. Rather than push the client into receiving a certain printed product as other companies may do, we explain in full detail the services offered, and any cost and risks involved. We provide guidance into the selections and are able to provide services according to the client’s budget. With SMC, Inc.'s screen printing services, clients can be assured their merch is in the right hands. Standard turnaround is 7-10 days (Rush Service is available) Will depend on the touring & holiday season as well.

  • Inspect the blank garments pre-press to ensure there are no flaws in the garments.

  • Specialists in complex designs (album art, photos, etc.)

  • Neck Tag Printing Available (Certain Locations)

  • Folding and Bagging Available (Certain Locations)

  • All automated presses for smooth and consistent prints

  • Soft hand printing which allows for no “ink scabs”

  • PMS color matching at no additional charge

  • Direct image mask to screens - This allows for higher resolution and tighter registration. No film is used in the process.

  • Print distribution locations in Nashville, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas, Japan, Australia and Germany

    Interested in an initial consultation, please contact us

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