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"Working Together For Your Success"

There is one thing above all that you need in your merch company. That is TRUST. Since 1999 artists, bands, management & production companies have trusted us with their vision, merchandise development & production.


On the road, it’s more than just having your merch to sell at the merch booth. We carefully and accurately assist with sales projections, handle shipments & delivery logistics, as well as communicating with the merchandise personnel to keep track of sales and inventory through apps or spreadsheets. Capabilities also include accounting &  tax assistance, vending for "one offs" or full tours, International merchandise production, merch display manufacturing and marketing materials.

There are other types of occasions when we can provide merchandise products as well. They can be sporting events, charities, trade shows, marathons, conventions, car races, festivals and exhibitions. All those events can be suitable for merchandise items to be sold, given away, or both! Let’s make sure your event is not only represented and branded in the best possible way, but it’s also profitable. 

Whether we are providing complete product development, graphic design, and production. There is one thing we assure our clients from the onset. We are working with you for your success. 


Having provided swag & branded products to some of the largest production companies in the world has provided us a very clear realization. Swag works! When a stagehand, roadie, sponsor, rep, etc. receives a company-branded item. They appreciate it and will show deep respect to the company in the long term. Take it from our owner Rob Castaneda on his first experience receiving a shirt. “I will never forget it, it was my first larger tour. I was with the support band and the headliner needed a fast loadout. So I started lending a hand where I could, just pushing boxes, loading the trailer, getting yelled at by the stage manager, etc. Once we were done, the stage manager handed me an Upstaging, Inc. t-shirt I was so happy to get that shirt, I still have it to this day"

We all know there are old grizzled veterans and touring professionals that have mountains of swag from tours. But keep in mind, it's almost expected and to be that young kid to get an “exclusive” shirt, bag, hat, jacket, or whatever. It will go a long way


When it comes to getting merch to your fans, we have you covered.


We have full capabilities to build, manage and handle fulfillment of your online merch store. Whether you are filling arenas, need someone to handle distribution for a pre-order, or a social media influencer we have a variety of options available. Which some include the ability to launch stand-alone store, add you to current popular online store fronts or integrate into your existing web store.

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